even cold can burn

so set me on fire

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1. Comment.
2. Credit. This is not required for bases.
3. Take.
4. DO NOT claim them as your own.
5. Unless it is a base or otherwise textless, do NOT alter it in any way. This does not apply to the speed on animated icons.
6. DO NOT distribute my icons or wallpapers without permission or credit. You can contact me via comment or email for permission if you wish to distribute them somewhere. Linking someone else to a post is not considered distribution; sending someone a graphic that I have made is.
7. No hotlinking!

Some graphics take me quite a bit of time to make, so I like receiving credit for them. Credit doesn't apply to bases, because I think it's kind of stupid to ask credit for bases, but I do ask that you comment. However, if it's something with text, effects, etc, I do require credit and comment.